Intuitive Crystal Read

Intuitive Crystal Readings



What are Intuitive Crystal Reads?

Intuitive Crystal Reads are something that I (Michelle) have done for a bit. Many people are able to pick up energies and can do aura reads simply by looking at a person or an image of the person, I work backward. Looking at your image, I visual a crystal (or crystals) and based on what I sense, I have an idea of what crystals can help you on your journey.

Often, my clients enjoy having a custom piece made based on the reading, and I personally love doing pieces based on these as well.

In addition to this, I also enjoy complementing the read with a Gemstone Oracle card pull. You will be surprised at how many times these pulls coincide with the reads.

What do I need from You?

All I ask is for a recent picture of you with a clean background (white background is preferable but not necessary). Selfies work too. Please, no filtered pictures. The more natural the picture, the better.

But I want just a Gemstone Oracle Read?

Of course, I can do that too. I  can do a 3 card spread and see what message is in store for you.

Don’t Want a Read, Just a Recommendation?

I got you covered too. Sometimes, you know what your exact issue is and just want a few crystals to help you on your way. I can help with that as well. There is so much information out there on the internet that you would just like a clear and direct answer and I can absolutely assist you with that.  Just fill out the form below to get started.

Alright, so you know what you want? Pick your selection and you will receive a personal email from Michelle Melo (Crystal Reiki Master & Owner) with instructions.

Can’t wait to connect with you.