Mantra Monday

Mantra Monday 7.10.2017

This weeks Mantra Monday comes a bit late but it’s a good one.

Its actually one that I am trying to take to heart, especially with my this summer being my daughters last summer before she officially starts school (cue the mom panic attack). I am literally breathing in every moment I can with her before she starts her 18 year school career. I’m taking her out to lunch, taking her to play at the local indoor playground, doing tiny weekly escapes to our pool and cuddling with her as much as possible in the mornings. These things are not going to last forever and I want to make sure I take full advantage of them before they become less available to me.

Also, trying to keep up with our shop…yeah…**breathe**

So, cue in this weeks Mantra and I think you can guess why I was late this week in posting.

Thank you Diana ( for always making our affirmations look so pretty on paper.

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