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Allow Me to Re-introduce Remember Love Designs

go here Almost a year ago, Diana over at Paper Yarn Moon and me (HI!) decided to team up and expand the Remember Love umbrella to include not only our one of a kind gemstone jewelry line, but include a fun way to personalize our stuff and our environment with things that represent us and our pursuit of a high-vibing life style (BAM!). So, we have created, Remember Love Designs.

follow link As many of you know, Diana (I like to call her Didi), illustrates our Mantra Monday and is the visual designer of pretty much everything Remember Love. She did our logo and our website (yes, you can hire her too! She is amazing!).


How do I know Didi? She is my sister-in-law! I was never blessed with a sister and the Universe gave me her! She came along with my husband so it was a great deal. Thank you Universe!

She is pretty much this amazing human who loves art, loves to help other humans and animals and puts up with my crazy ideas. In short, she is part of this beautiful tribe (shot out to our RLJTribe). She is the apple to my pie, the gem to my stone and the rainbow to my obsidian. I loves her! Thank you for being part of this high vibing train.

To sum it all up, Remember Love Designs is part of the Remember Love family and I am so excited to be able to share our creations and our imagination with you. This is a fun new adventure for us and can’t wait to see where it leads us.


Check our shop by clicking the images or visiting us at our Etsy shop.

Love and Light always, 

Aurora Sage

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