Mantra Monday 4.10.2017

where to buy provigil in malaysia Today, as I was running around the house, doing some much needed house cleaning, I began to think about this little business of mines and how far it has come from when I started in Prague. I never dreamed it would be where it is now and getting bigger. All the times I have doubted myself has been from a fear of failure and rejection and I am here to tell you that “I am worthy of my Dreams” and so are you.

go site I realize more and more each day that everytime I am held back from doing something I envision for myself, it is always comes from a place of fear and if I chose fear, I am rejecting love and …I mean…what is the name of our little business…REMEMBER LOVE!!!!! I have to remember to chose love every dang time. I am worthy of the most amazing version of myself and I will continue to strive for it, embracing my flaws and working with them.

You are worthy of your dreams too and I invite you, right now, to remember love and remember your worth. If no one has said it today, I believe in you and YOU CAN DO IT!

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for always doing the beautiful artwork.

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