Mantra Monday

Mantra Monday 3.27.2017

Good Morning my Beautiful friends.

Yes, it is Monday already and it means another Mantra Monday. I realize the bulk of my blog posts are Mantra Mondays but why not? These are so much flipping fun!

Today I was listening to a podcast talking about how many of those on a “spiritual path” often actively chose happiness while consciously ignoring what many consider negative feelings thus ignoring a potential life lesson from your soul or even ignoring what could be a serious problem in your current lifetime.

This is my take on it, we all have a choice whether to walk around in a positive mood or a bad mood. I, personally make an effort to focus on the positives in my life BUT (this is a big BUT), I am always aware of what makes me upset, sad, angry and I analyze and think about why something or someone does not vibe with me (or just plain piss me off). I am conscious of it and while we are at it, we need these things we don’t agree with, in our lives. It give us a chance to learn about ourselves and helps us place a marker on our values. How can you do this? Look at what offends you and then ask yourself WHY it offends you. Get uncomfortable, squirm a bit and dig. Its these situations that really define you as an individual and creates clarity into who you truly are.

Digging can bring up some major shit. Hold that piece up, analyze it, smell it (yeah…gross right!), poke around a little, maybe even give it a little taste, then say thank you to it for helping you learn something about yourself and toss it in the potty and flush. Wash you hands! Cleanse yourself, acknowledge how you feel and why and then say to yourself “I deserve Happiness and Love”, because you absolutely do. In this lifetime, at this present moment, you deserve happiness and love, no matter where you have come from or where you are going. That poop you just looked at should not have a hold over how you are feeling. It may have helped shaped who you are today but it does not control you. You are worthy of all the positive experiences that are coming your way. You DESERVE Happiness and Love no matter what!

So, yes, I decide to actively choose happiness and love but I know I have some shit to learn from.

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the beautiful artwork. Lets make this your Mantra for the week everyone.

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