Mantra Monday 3.20.2017

go Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another “Mantra Monday”.

source url My apologies for missing last week. We had some technical difficulties with our website and we weren’t able to post on time.

So, this weeks Mantra is one that I feel can apply to every single body! It’s a simple yet effective one that can help us manage our physical bodies on  a daily basis…”I am Healthy and Filled with Energy” (Repeat it 10 times right now and fee the quick boost).

I sometimes feel that I am always walking around with that 2-3pm feeling where I am craving a tea or coffee for a quick pick me up, but if I really look at how I am loving and nourishing my body, I know I am not taking care of it like I should. Small changes have helped me move away from that sluggish feeling including going to bed at a decent time so I can wake up feeling rested, taking my vitamins daily, starting off with a good breakfast, and of course, meditation. I have also made an attempt to remove as much sugar and processed food from my diet. Trust me, I know, I crave it like something bad but I am a work in progress.

Adding this affirmation before bed (and sometimes I repeat it while driving) helps me feel in check and assists in dissolving those blocks that have to do with weight and unhealthy eating (Solar Plexus and Sacral…I am looking at you).

So, join me this week and just commit to it daily, don’t worry about tomorrow or how you did yesterday, just today and repeat after me “I am Healthy and Filled with Energy”.

Thank you Didi at PaperYarnMoon for the always awesome illustration.


Love and Light,


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