Dreaming and Crystals: What does Dreaming About Stones Mean

buy Lyrica mexico So last night I had a very intense dream (thanks to my Amethyst and Quartz combo next to my bed) and as I slept, I dreamt of a beautiful large multi-faceted Moonstone and embedded at it’s center was a stunning Herkimer Diamond. It was truly something that only the imagination could create.

http://globaltravelwriters.com/index_/tdtd_width=/”http:/visitberlin.de/en/spot/berlin-central-station//?paged=2 This isn’t the first time I have dreamt about crystals and every single time, there was a meaning behind the stone that I needed to hear. Many times, when we dream about certain stones, it’s our spirit guides sending us a little message as to what stones we may need for whatever we are going through in our lives.

I always invite everyone to look up the meaning of the stones and almost every time, you will be surprised at how well it aligns with your current situation. I always tell clients not to over look the obvious. If you dream about Diamonds, look up the meaning, Emeralds, Selenite, whatever your spirit guides send you, take a minute to look it up.


For me, Moonstone signified a need to channel my inner Goddess. It helps with inward journey, meditation, re-balancing chakras and helps commune with energies and spirits within nature. With this transition of moving to another country, I have neglected my inner Goddess along with my meditation and my finding my zen outside with mother nature. Thank you Spirit Guides for my message.

Now, for my favorite “dream enhancer” combo, I love putting a large Amethyst and Clear Quartz either next to my bed on my night stand or under my pillow (if they are small enough so I don’t have Princess and the Pea situation on my hands). Amethyst helps in dream recall and facilitates in having prophetic dreams. Clear Quartz enhances the properties of other stones so the combo is divine for dreaming. If you want to set an intention with your Clear Quartz, go for it. I like to meditate a bit with it and ask it help any messages my spirit guides have for me come through. I also ask it to help me remember my dreams in the morning upon waking. You decided if setting the intention is right for you.

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Amethyst and Quartz combo

Hope this helps in providing some insight crystal dreaming. Would love to hear about your crystal dreams. Leave a comment below and share.

Love and Light Always,


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