It’s 11.11.2015

follow link Today ‘s date marks a very magical number for many who are “awakened”.

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“When you see repetitive number sequences, this is a message from your guardian angels. You can ask your angels what they are trying to tell you, and if you listen in stillness, you will hear their answers clearly. Sometimes, though, if you’re stressed or in a hurry, it’s not as easy to hear your angels.

So, Angel Numbers are a shorthand code between you and your angels. In the case of 1’s, they represent the post of an energy gateway. The more 1s you see, the stronger the path is.

In practical terms, this means that your thoughts are going through a cycle where they are manifesting instantly into form. You think it, and boom! It happens. When these cycles occur, it’s extra important to keep your thoughts focused upon your desires, and to stay positive. Otherwise, your fears may manifest instantly. You can ask Heaven to uplift you, so that your thoughts are focused upon the highest possibilities.

1, 11, 111, and 1111 in Angel Numbers all mean: “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.”

To add, it’s also a day where we honor our veterans and I can’t let the day slip by without saying “THANK YOU for your service. THANK YOU for the sacrifice you make and your family makes while you are away. We appreciate you and are blessed to live in the country that we do”.

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