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Tarot Thursday

source site Welcome to our FIRST EVER TAROT THURSDAY!!!!!!

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The way it works is you pick a card that you are attracted to, a card that calls to you. Sometimes it’s just one card, others is 2 and sometimes all 3 ring with you.

Once you pick your card, scroll down and they will be revealed to you along with their explanation.

Ready? Let’s begin.



Scroll down for the reveal:



(Left to Right)

Card 1: Five of Fire : You are experiencing some struggle and challenges. You are in disagreement with those around you who feel differently about the choices you have made. You can still have success but it will take a great deal of effort on your behalf. This may exhaust you or you may enjoy the challenge. In this competitive situation, the others may need to understand each others view points to success. Also: Set priorities. Look at the bothersome details.

Card 2: Renewal (20): You are at the end of a project or at a crossroad preparing to make an important change. Review the situation and evaluate. Make thoughtful judgments regarding your life. You are well prepared. A new beginning for you.

Card 3: Six of Earth: Abundance is on the way. The universe rewards gratitude. You may be the recipient of this bounty or you may be the giver. Gifts may be monetary or take some other form, such as an opportunity, advice and so forth. New career opportunities present themselves involving those who can be relied upon to be fair and responsible. Promotions, bonuses, and financial rewards are all possible at this time.

Tarot Deck (and interpretation guide) is from the fab Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine Deck, Angel Tarot Cards.

Hope this resonated with you.


Love and Light,


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