Tarot Thursday

Tarot Thursday

Welcome this weeks Tarot Thursday.

This week’s reading comes from a new oracle card deck I have received that I am LOVING. Enjoy.

Pick a card you attracted or drawn to and scroll down to reveal its meaning. You can be attracted to one, two or all three cards.



Scroll Down for the reveal..










Card Meanings from Left to Right

Card Mean 1: see url Meditate (Siddhartha Gautama Buddha) Be still and listen. You can benefit from meditation. You don’t need formal practice, just close your eyes and listen. Meditation is great to reflect and receive insight. A little time during your day would be greatly beneficial to you. This card can also mean to spend some quite time with yourself.

Card 2: follow Let it Go (Quan Yin): It’s time to let it go. Whatever you are holding on to it’s not good for you. Trying to force a situation is creating blocks and doing more harm than good. It’s proving to be toxic to you at the moment. Let go of the struggle, the anger and the resentment. Trust that the universe is on your side and everything is happening to you for a reason.

Card 3: http://homemadeproductions.co.uk/2017/12/ultra-violet/ Teacher Mahachohan Ragoczy: You have learned a lot from your past experiences and now it’s time to pass that knowledge on to others. Your current situation is allowing an opportunity for spiritual growth learning some life lessons. As soon as your learn these lessons, old patterns would fall away and open you up to new experiences.


Hope this reading resonates with you. This beautiful deck is from Doreen Virtue called Ascended Masters.

Love and Light,




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