Mantras to Add into your Daily Life

Quality Tastylia Drugs At Low Price No Prescription Needed Adding Mantras into your daily life is a wonderful way to become more mindful and raise your vibrational energy. It is also the perfect way to begin manifesting and putting the desired energy into the universe into creating what you need and want. Of course, mantras are also used to help focus us during meditation.

There are a few mantras that have a sacred place in our history. There are others that are created in modern times and still others that we, ourselves create to suit our needs. There is no wrong way to say them, and there is nothing wrong is saying what you need. Your words are energy. Vibrations that you put out into the universe. Positive or Negative, the universe will give back to you what you say. In short, we are all creators, creating our reality using our words and thoughts to create (isn’t that AMAZING!). If you want further reading on this topic, I would suggest, Conversations with God, Book 1. It goes into detail on how the universe is always poised to work with us and tiny creators. Thought is creative – Fear attracts like energy – Love is all there is.” Neal Donald Walsh

So, in short, mantras are a short phrase used to focus during meditation (or as I like to use them, before falling asleep), to lift you in whatever aspect you need. Whether you chose a mantra with basis in ancient philosophy as a spiritual meaning, or as a sort of affirmation to help with meditation, or simply as spoken energy for the universe, all is acceptable and there is no wrong way to do it. Here are a few to help you get started.

  1. OM: The natural pitch of the universe. Wonderful to meditate with and relax. Try it. It’s almost like medicine for the mind, body and soul. Try it right now. How do you feel?
  2. I AM LOVE: Easy phrase. You are love and love attracts love. A simple phrase to repeat when we need a reminder that we are good enough. We are perfectly made and we deserve love. Not only deserve, but we will attract love in all aspects of our lives.
  3. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA (I honor the divinity within myself): Sometimes we feel a little down on ourselves. Our confidence gets shaky and we no longer feel worthy, well, you ARE! You are so worth it. We are made of stardust and perfect just the way we are. This ancient mantra will help you come back to your true worth. You are divine!
  4. I AM A MIRACLES MAGNET: Yes…you…ARE! This is one of my favorite ones. Simple to remember. I sometimes catch  myself saying it over and over again while I shop or while I work. It truly opens you up and manifests such beautiful and wonderful things into your life. You can start this one today before you go to bed. Don’t forget, you are a miracle who is capable of receiving miracles. Enjoy the bliss.
  5. I AM A LOVE AND MONEY MAGNET: This is a 2 part phrase. Another favorite of mines. I started this mantra when I first began selling my jewelry. First few months were pretty rough, but then I began repeating this phrase over and over until I would fall asleep. I never looked back. The universe blessed me with a thriving business and the most AMAZING clients. If you are tight in your finances or have taken the dive into having your own business. I recommend this mantra. Trust me when I say, it works. Enjoy what manifests for you.

I recommend taking it day by day. Commit to saying them today and then tomorrow commit to saying it then. Be easy on yourself and try to mediate with these. After a few days, I would love to know how you feel. Even better, I would love to know how it has affected your life and if manifested what you needed.

I do hope this helps you as much as it has me. I promise you 15 minutes a day is all you need.

Love and Light always.



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