Mantra Monday 3.20.2017

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another “Mantra Monday”.

My apologies for missing last week. We had some technical difficulties with our website and we weren’t able to post on time.

So, this weeks Mantra is one that I feel can apply to every single body! It’s a simple yet effective one that can help us manage our physical bodies on  a daily basis…”I am Healthy and Filled with Energy” (Repeat it 10 times right now and fee the quick boost).

I sometimes feel that I am always walking around with that 2-3pm feeling where I am craving a tea or coffee for a quick pick me up, but if I really look at how I am loving and nourishing my body, I know I am not taking care of it like I should. Small changes have helped me move away from that sluggish feeling including going to bed at a decent time so I can wake up feeling rested, taking my vitamins daily, starting off with a good breakfast, and of course, meditation. I have also made an attempt to remove as much sugar and processed food from my diet. Trust me, I know, I crave it like something bad but I am a work in progress.

Adding this affirmation before bed (and sometimes I repeat it while driving) helps me feel in check and assists in dissolving those blocks that have to do with weight and unhealthy eating (Solar Plexus and Sacral…I am looking at you).

So, join me this week and just commit to it daily, don’t worry about tomorrow or how you did yesterday, just today and repeat after me “I am Healthy and Filled with Energy”.

Thank you Didi at PaperYarnMoon for the always awesome illustration.


Love and Light,


Mantra Monday 3.6.2017

Today’s Mantra Monday plays on last week’s affirmation pretty well : “I release anything that doesn’t serve me” (if you missed last week’s mantra, you can check it out here).

Ask yourself the question “What am I keeping around that does not serve me?” Look around you? Try and spot 3 things in the room right now. I can tell you from where I am sitting, there is a coffee cup that has been sitting here since yesterday, I have a mountain of receipts that I emptied out from my purse this morning just sitting here and I can spot a few empty bottles of essential oils that I will probably never need. And just like that I cleared a little space in my environment. Now, if I am so pressed, I’m sure I can go into my newsfeed on FB and clear out groups and acquaintances that I really don’t need to hold space for. They clog up my feed and really serve more of an unnecessary distraction.

Release it and clear it. Old wounds and memories as well. They help mold us into who we are, but we don’t need to carry this load daily. Meditate over whatever situation you feel you are holding on to so tight and release it. Burning Palo Santo during meditation helps clear up blockages that you hold in your chakras too, so if you have some, give it a try. Repeating this mantra during meditation can also assist your brain to subconsciously work in moving past some of these blockages. This is one reason I love Mala necklaces with 108 beads, they help keep count and allows me to hit that magic number (Why is 108 a magic number? Check out this link for more info).

I hope these past couple of weeks helps you in releasing what no longer serves you.

Thank you Paper Yarn Moon for putting our mantra’s into art. 


Love and Light Always,


Mantra Monday 2.13.2017

Beautiful Day to all you Beautiful Souls.

It’s Monday you know for us Monday’s mean “Mantra Monday”. I do love our Mondays.

With Valentine’s Day creeping slowly creeping up on us (enter horror shriek here), I wanted to take a moment to remind ourselves, not only to spread love, but to love ourselves too.

For  many of us, it is so gratifying to send love to those we love, to shower them with gifts, love an affection, but we often times forget about ourselves. We have to remember that if our cups our empty, we cannot fill anothers, so take this week to LOVE yourself. Honor yourself and fill your cup.

Therefore, our mantra for this week is “I honor myself and my needs”.

I encourage you to take all the time you need to make sure your needs are met. Don’t go outside of yourself either by expecting your significant other to buy you flowers, simply go out and buy them yourself. Want a gift, gift it yourself.(Check out our stuff too :-D) . Don’t limit yourself to materials things either, a long bath with essential oils, an few hours with your nose in your book or a whole day dedicated to painting, music, or just simply an entire day of binge watching Netflix. Whatever you feel will fill you up, go do it. You have permission from your higher self and the universe looks forward to it.

Thank you Didi over at PaperYarnMoon for always putting our words into art.

Love and Light always,


Mantra Monday 2.6.2017

Good Morning my beautiful souls. As you may have noticed, our Mantra Monday is a bit late this week. **Warning, this blog post is going to get REAL**.

It’s been a pretty hectic week for me personally as I try to balance my home life and business life. I feel sometimes that as I am drowning in laundry, dishes and dog poop (for some reason my doggies have decided to take the living room as their personal toilet) and in between homeschooling my 4 year old (which she is currently practicing writing her letters while I type this) and then somehow remembering to love myself all while showing love to everyone else, sometimes my cup runs dry, so flipping dry. Oh, and did I forget to mention I am working on my official Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher certification. And of course, I worry, I worry how I will be able to get new supplies in when I can’t find the time to post up what I have to sell. Oh yeah, we also moved about a month ago to a new home and you already know the amount of boxes in our home is insane!

Compared to other problems, my shit is easy. I am grateful for the life I live and what I am able to do, but it doesn’t take away that it is tiresome and exhausting at times and that is okay. I always trust that the universe will provide exactly what I need when I need it and this is my affirmation for the week. ” Everything I need comes to me at Exactly the Right Time”.

The universe has definitely blessed me this week with an unexpected financial gift which I am so grateful for and just like that, the supplies that needed to be purchased were ordered. I know its difficult to trust that what you need will be provided for and learning to trust is a challenge in itself but I invite you to give it a try this week and put it out into the universe and ask for exactly what you need.

Now, Ill be off working on some more gooodies while I wait for the dryer and my daughter finishes working on her alphabet.

Thank you Didi over at PaperYarnMoon for our picture this week.

Love and Light always,



Still Traveling and Still Crystal Obsessed

Good Evening All.

If you follow us on Instagram (@RememberLove), you know that we are still traveling and have not settled into our new home in Abu Dhabi.

For those of you who are interested in our pieces, we do have a few pieces up for sale on our Instagram, including some amazing big chunks of Palo Santo directly from Ecuador.

We are still hunting down one of a kind crystals and helping them find theirs home (and that will never change for us..HA! We love what we do).

We have opened up a new Etsy shop that focuses on stickers to reflect our awesome high vibing life style. Take a peek and pick up a couple for yourself HERE. We would love to see what you do with these, so feel free to shoot us a message with a picture and we will feature you on our IG.



After all this traveling, we can’t wait to be settled into our new studio space, but there is still sometime until that happens. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition and can’t wait to go back into creating. In the mean time, follow our Instagram for our most up to date information and available crystals and pieces.

Love and Light Always,



How to Make Your Own Crystal Elixir

One of the most popular topics that I have discussed on my social media is how to create your very own Crystal Elixir. It has been a popular way to use your crystals, especially for those pieces that have broken on you.

All a Crystal Elixir is, is water infused with your favorite specimen. There is a science that goes along with what is called “water memory” and in a nutshell, water retains the energy (or vibes), from its surroundings and essentially what vibes it soaks up can be good ones or not so pretty ones.


My Crystal Elixir with Rose Quartz and Lavender

Well, adding a crystal to some water can absolutely be beneficial to use and to your  environment. How? Well, I like to put a little crystal in a spray bottle and spray that sucker all over my home, focusing on the bedrooms and my work space. You can sense a difference in the rooms and it raises the vibrational energy of the space. It’s pretty awesome

These are the exact directions:

  1. Grab your spray bottle and fill it with fresh spring water or at least the freshest water you can find. Yes, bottled is okay too.
  2. Place your crystal in the spray bottle. Broke crystals work too. Don’t throw them out.
  3. Place out side for a 24 hour period. Sun and Moon are good for this. If the moon is full, even better.
  4. Add your favorite essential oil. Couple of drops (Optional). My favorite is lavender since its excellent for relaxation and sleep.
  5. Spray it everywhere. Focusing on corners and underneath beds.
  6. You’re welcome.

My favorite crystals to use in a spray (in no particular order):

  • Rose Quartz
  • Smokey Quartz


    Spray the Yucky Vibes Away

  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Aventurine
  • Black Jade
  • Black Obsidian
  • Chrysoprase
  • Selenite (will dissolve…it’s okay though)
  • Calcite (will also dissolve…it’s cool)

Hope this helps some of you who have have a lonely piece out there needing a purpose. Give it life and create an elixir.

Some people (like me), enjoy putting a crystal in their water bottles and ingest their benefits. I use a designated water bottle for this that I purchased because the crystal is too big to go through the straw. I don’t want to choke and please, if you are going to do it, try not to choke either 🙂 . Note that certain crystals will dissolve in the water and I don’t recommend anyone drinking dissolved crystals.

Love and Light,