Still Traveling and Still Crystal Obsessed

Good Evening All.

If you follow us on Instagram (@RememberLove), you know that we are still traveling and have not settled into our new home in Abu Dhabi.

For those of you who are interested in our pieces, we do have a few pieces up for sale on our Instagram, including some amazing big chunks of Palo Santo directly from Ecuador.

We are still hunting down one of a kind crystals and helping them find theirs home (and that will never change for us..HA! We love what we do).

We have opened up a new Etsy shop that focuses on stickers to reflect our awesome high vibing life style. Take a peek and pick up a couple for yourself HERE. We would love to see what you do with these, so feel free to shoot us a message with a picture and we will feature you on our IG.



After all this traveling, we can’t wait to be settled into our new studio space, but there is still sometime until that happens. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition and can’t wait to go back into creating. In the mean time, follow our Instagram for our most up to date information and available crystals and pieces.

Love and Light Always,



Mantra Monday

I hope this weekend has been filled with light and awesomeness for all of you.

I wanted to start our Mondays with a special post ( and hopefully every Monday this way). Every Monday I would like to introduce you to a new Mantra. My hopes is that you will find one that you connect with and you can incorporate into your daily practice.

This Monday’s Mantra is : OM BRZEE NAMAHA

What does it mean? This mantra is said to remove financial blockages and opens you to abundance. A meditation for prosperity. Use your Mala Necklace and repeat this chant 108 times, as tradition. Our Etsy shop has a few.

You tube has a few videos with the mantra repeated if you need help.

The amazing Diana over at has designed our Mantra for today, to add some beauty for our Mantra of the week.

Om Brzee


Until next time.

Love and Light,