Mantra Monday 4.24.2017


Forgiveness is usually easier said than done and it’s even harder when it comes to ourselves. I am here to tell you you can and should forgive yourself for whatever you feel guilty or negatively about. Sometimes the smallest things and the shortest moments can hold so much unnecessary space in our heart that is makes us hard to move forward in our lives.

We are all guilty of sitting in our beds at 1 am and thinking about those moments that happened years ago, those conversations where you wished you would of said or acted differently or moments that you wished never happen…FORGIVE YOURSELF! Literally take this moment and say “I Forgive Myself and Set Myself Free”. Release whatever is holding you back and holding you down and press forward. Accept all the good things coming your way and open yourself to the gifts of the universe.

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the absolutely GORGEOUS image (I think this one may be my favorite!).

Mantra Monday 2.20.2017

It’s Monday again (man the week flies when you are running around spreading L-O-V-E)

This week flows right into last weeks mantra and in addition, it I believe it helps remove those blocks of self doubt and low-self esteem. In addition, it aides in opening up our selves for love from others. Whatever you may feel you need in your life, this affirmation is wonderful.

“I am deserving and worthy of Love”, and you absolutely are. We all deserve to be loved AND most importantly to love ourselves, completely and truly. You are perfect and enough just the way you are. Also, if no one has told you today, “I love you!”

Thank you Didi at PaperYarnMoon for the beautiful image.

Blessings Always,


Mantra Monday 1.30.2017

This week’s Mantra is very special to me and I use it regularly. It’s very simple yet, for me, extremely effective. I have shared it with family and friends and I have yet to hear it hasn’t worked for them. The Affirmation is “I am a Love and Money Magnet”.

As a small business owner, mother, and overall human who lives on this planet, unfortunately, money is very important in order to move forward. I know there always talk on how “money is the root of all evil” or ” money doesn’t buy happiness”…yes, it doesn’t buy happiness but it is, in my opinion, essential. I don’t hate money, I love money and what I can do with money, like help those around me, support my family, continue my business. I feel that if we removed this fear or negativity that comes with financial abundance, we can help remove our own blocks we have with money, thus allowing the universe to let it flow to us more freely. Money is not bad, money helps us achieve our goals. Until we live in a society where I can exchange one of my pieces for a new tire for my car, or my neighbor can exchange tech help for a groceries, then I will positively accept all financial abundance the universe has flowing my way.

And of course, love is always a good thing to have in our lives and I love love. I love people who embrace love and just love everything around them, even the small things. Like, I love the way fresh bread smells, I love the sound of the birds outside my window in the morning, I love they way my husband charges my toothbrush when I forget. I also love those who disagree with me, their opinions and positions allow me to reflect on my own and why I value some things over others.

I invite you to repeat this affirmation daily. Say it every night before going to bed until you fall asleep or use your Mala Necklace to count it out and let me know how it works for you. Believeing and repeating this mantra has brought many blessings into my life and it is hands down, my favorite when it comes to financial abundance.

Thank you Didi over at PaperYarnMoon for always putting our affirmations into a beautiful picture. Feel free to share or save. 

Many Blessings Always.