Mantra Monday 4.24.2017


Forgiveness is usually easier said than done and it’s even harder when it comes to ourselves. I am here to tell you you can and should forgive yourself for whatever you feel guilty or negatively about. Sometimes the smallest things and the shortest moments can hold so much unnecessary space in our heart that is makes us hard to move forward in our lives.

We are all guilty of sitting in our beds at 1 am and thinking about those moments that happened years ago, those conversations where you wished you would of said or acted differently or moments that you wished never happen…FORGIVE YOURSELF! Literally take this moment and say “I Forgive Myself and Set Myself Free”. Release whatever is holding you back and holding you down and press forward. Accept all the good things coming your way and open yourself to the gifts of the universe.

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the absolutely GORGEOUS image (I think this one may be my favorite!).

Mantra Monday 4.17.2017

“Happiness is my Path” and is chose it daily.

This Mantra is an especially powerful one and one we should all apply to our lives.  We all have the right to be happy in our present life times. Happiness is the soul’s way of saying “Yes, do more of this, this is elevating us”.

Keep track of things that are healthy that keep us happy and write it down. Look at it regularly and, not only be grateful for it, but do it more often!

Pick happiness every time!

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the love and putting our affirmation into this beautiful image.