Crystals to Use

Crystals for Psychic Protection and Increased Intuition Part 1

The vibrations of crystals have a countless amount of benefits for us and our energies. Many psychics and intuitives use them daily as part of their everyday lives and when seeing clients of those seeking their services. For many in this field, crystals are an absolute necessity for several reasons which includes, enhancing their abilities… Read More Crystals for Psychic Protection and Increased Intuition Part 1

Crystals to Use

Empaths and Crystals

In the recent years, there has been a vast interest of crystals and gemstones and their believed benefits. (On a personal level, I love that so many people are sort of waking up and taking advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer both in vibrational energy and physical sustenance) It’s like a re-awakening of… Read More Empaths and Crystals

Mantra Monday

Mantra Monday 7.31.2017

I have recently been listening to a lot of motivational speakers that have been randomly popping up on my facebook feed (usually from another friend liking their page and/or videos).  I honestly love listening to their different techniques in making a successful business or being a more present human and how to maximize the most… Read More Mantra Monday 7.31.2017