Mantra Monday 6.12.2017

Many times I look at my daughter and think “WOW, the entire world is for her taking. She can do and be anything she wants”. Right now, she wants to be a Paleontologist and she has not changed her mind for the past 2 years (she’s 4), BUT if she does, that’s okay, because she has her families and the universes support.

Then, comes me, What do I want to be when I grow up? At the ripe age of 34, I still feel like I’m sorting it out. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I LOVE my crystals but I always want to do more. I want to write a book, I want to offer my healing more, I want to offer a Crystal Reiki Healing course, I want to open up a Spirituality Healing Center. I have plans, man and you know what…”My Possibilities are Endless”. Through work and the Universe providing, I will achieve my goals!

Whatever your goals are, and even if you haven’t figured out exactly what they are, know you are provided for and supported.

Thank you, Diana from PaperYarnMoon, for the beautiful image. The perfect Mantra to start off this week.

Love and Light,

Aurora Sage

Mantra Monday 4.10.2017

Today, as I was running around the house, doing some much needed house cleaning, I began to think about this little business of mines and how far it has come from when I started in Prague. I never dreamed it would be where it is now and getting bigger. All the times I have doubted myself has been from a fear of failure and rejection and I am here to tell you that “I am worthy of my Dreams” and so are you.

I realize more and more each day that everytime I am held back from doing something I envision for myself, it is always comes from a place of fear and if I chose fear, I am rejecting love and …I mean…what is the name of our little business…REMEMBER LOVE!!!!! I have to remember to chose love every dang time. I am worthy of the most amazing version of myself and I will continue to strive for it, embracing my flaws and working with them.

You are worthy of your dreams too and I invite you, right now, to remember love and remember your worth. If no one has said it today, I believe in you and YOU CAN DO IT!

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for always doing the beautiful artwork.

Mantra Monday 3.20.2017

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another “Mantra Monday”.

My apologies for missing last week. We had some technical difficulties with our website and we weren’t able to post on time.

So, this weeks Mantra is one that I feel can apply to every single body! It’s a simple yet effective one that can help us manage our physical bodies on  a daily basis…”I am Healthy and Filled with Energy” (Repeat it 10 times right now and fee the quick boost).

I sometimes feel that I am always walking around with that 2-3pm feeling where I am craving a tea or coffee for a quick pick me up, but if I really look at how I am loving and nourishing my body, I know I am not taking care of it like I should. Small changes have helped me move away from that sluggish feeling including going to bed at a decent time so I can wake up feeling rested, taking my vitamins daily, starting off with a good breakfast, and of course, meditation. I have also made an attempt to remove as much sugar and processed food from my diet. Trust me, I know, I crave it like something bad but I am a work in progress.

Adding this affirmation before bed (and sometimes I repeat it while driving) helps me feel in check and assists in dissolving those blocks that have to do with weight and unhealthy eating (Solar Plexus and Sacral…I am looking at you).

So, join me this week and just commit to it daily, don’t worry about tomorrow or how you did yesterday, just today and repeat after me “I am Healthy and Filled with Energy”.

Thank you Didi at PaperYarnMoon for the always awesome illustration.


Love and Light,


Dreaming and Crystals: What does Dreaming About Stones Mean

So last night I had a very intense dream (thanks to my Amethyst and Quartz combo next to my bed) and as I slept, I dreamt of a beautiful large multi-faceted Moonstone and embedded at it’s center was a stunning Herkimer Diamond. It was truly something that only the imagination could create.

This isn’t the first time I have dreamt about crystals and every single time, there was a meaning behind the stone that I needed to hear. Many times, when we dream about certain stones, it’s our spirit guides sending us a little message as to what stones we may need for whatever we are going through in our lives.

I always invite everyone to look up the meaning of the stones and almost every time, you will be surprised at how well it aligns with your current situation. I always tell clients not to over look the obvious. If you dream about Diamonds, look up the meaning, Emeralds, Selenite, whatever your spirit guides send you, take a minute to look it up.


For me, Moonstone signified a need to channel my inner Goddess. It helps with inward journey, meditation, re-balancing chakras and helps commune with energies and spirits within nature. With this transition of moving to another country, I have neglected my inner Goddess along with my meditation and my finding my zen outside with mother nature. Thank you Spirit Guides for my message.

Now, for my favorite “dream enhancer” combo, I love putting a large Amethyst and Clear Quartz either next to my bed on my night stand or under my pillow (if they are small enough so I don’t have Princess and the Pea situation on my hands). Amethyst helps in dream recall and facilitates in having prophetic dreams. Clear Quartz enhances the properties of other stones so the combo is divine for dreaming. If you want to set an intention with your Clear Quartz, go for it. I like to meditate a bit with it and ask it help any messages my spirit guides have for me come through. I also ask it to help me remember my dreams in the morning upon waking. You decided if setting the intention is right for you.

3 pieces 6

Amethyst and Quartz combo

Hope this helps in providing some insight crystal dreaming. Would love to hear about your crystal dreams. Leave a comment below and share.

Love and Light Always,


Still Traveling and Still Crystal Obsessed

Good Evening All.

If you follow us on Instagram (@RememberLove), you know that we are still traveling and have not settled into our new home in Abu Dhabi.

For those of you who are interested in our pieces, we do have a few pieces up for sale on our Instagram, including some amazing big chunks of Palo Santo directly from Ecuador.

We are still hunting down one of a kind crystals and helping them find theirs home (and that will never change for us..HA! We love what we do).

We have opened up a new Etsy shop that focuses on stickers to reflect our awesome high vibing life style. Take a peek and pick up a couple for yourself HERE. We would love to see what you do with these, so feel free to shoot us a message with a picture and we will feature you on our IG.



After all this traveling, we can’t wait to be settled into our new studio space, but there is still sometime until that happens. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this transition and can’t wait to go back into creating. In the mean time, follow our Instagram for our most up to date information and available crystals and pieces.

Love and Light Always,



Some Local Crystal Finds

As we are wrapping up our long 3 years stay here in Quito, I decided to do one last stop at our favorite crystal shop at Mercado de la Mariscal (booth 37 to be specific). We found some absolute beauties that I wanted to share with you all today.


My finds include:


Quartz and Amethyst with Cooper Pendulums


Amethyst Candle Quartz AKA Atlantean Love Star, Amethyst Elestial. His last one. Sorry guys. Next piece he has available is a larger collectors speciment


Delicious gemmy Amethyst he gifted me. Never letting this one go.


Elestial Quartz. This piece is just stunning.


Two points found in two large bins available for hunting. One has already been claimed by my daughter for travel.


If you are ever in Quito and are looking for some crystal specimens, I highly recommend Fernando Salguera in  Mercado de La Mariscal (Booth 37). Exact address of the Market is Jorge Washington and Juan Leon Mera (near Park El Jido. Let him know Michelle sent you 🙂


Quick Update on our Status

I know many have been asking …”Where the heck are you?”

Well, if you are not following us on Instagram (What are you waiting for? @RememberLove) we have had a few major announcements for our shop. To quickly catch you up:

  • We are moving to Abu Dhabi! YES! All of our friend in the UAE, we are coming and we are coming stocked with some amazing pieces. Oh, and yes, we will absolutely still be shipping to the rest of the world, no worries there for our current clients, we are still 100% available to you.
  • In the course of our transition, our Shop will be closed, BUT we will have surprise popup sales on our Instagram page along with our Etsy shop, so follow us to keep up to date with our openings.
  • We are no offering Intuitive Crystal Reads. This is something very exciting for us and we hope you love it as well. You can find more information HERE.
  • We are now on SnapChat! What a great way to follow our new adventure. Join us. Our username is RememberLove721. Sometimes we are funny, sometimes we show our creative adventure and other times we just want to say HI, but I promise you a good time always…lol.
  • Make sure you check out our monthly article with Empath Rising.

That’s it for now. Thank you for always being with us. I personally hope to be more active with our blogs. See you next time.

Love and Light,

Michelle M.



Mantra Monday 4.11.2016

The Mantra today totally hits close to home and I know it will to many of you.

If you are like me, I follow hundred of pages that talk about, Meditation, Affirmation, sitting and listening to the energy around you, sitting and just basically saying “shut the F up and just breath”. For me, that is like asking me to climb Mt. Everest, on a daily basis with a smile on my face.

Sometimes it’s hard to find that quiet time, that time to reflect, especially when you are a parent, when you work, when you run your own business, when you need to run errands for the entire family, when you need to drop off Jimmy at soccer practice and Emily at basketball. Life is not joke. Oh, you want a social life too? Good luck with that!

Right now I am inviting you to close your eyes and just take 30 seconds to breath deep. Just breath and inhale light and exhale darkness, whatever is weighing heavy on your soul. Release it.

“Dissolve and Be Present”–RLJ

Where do I find the time? We’ll its not easy but if you really want to do it, you can.  For me, I meditate before bed. You don’t need to be sitting in lotus position. For me, laying down connects me a whole lot quicker to that sought after state of mind than sitting down. This is just a personal preference and it works for me. I even do yoga for a bit everyday…WITH a 3 year old.  What works for me is I put on a yoga video for her (or both of us depending on our mood). She has her own pink yoga mat (although she prefers my blue one sometimes). We lay our mats on the living room floor and we go to town. Is it the perfect yoga time like when you go to a studio? No. Could it be more flawless yoga when I don’t have a 3 year old interrupting me to show me her AWESOME Sun-Salutation sequence? Sure. But what I do get is a release for my body through yoga (however small that may be), and one on one time with a tiny human who is exploring her world and learning to love the connection between her body and the earth. I would not change this for a million yoga classes at any studio. I can even get her to “meditate” or breath deeply for a full 2 minutes. That’s a lot for a tiny human.

In short, get creative, live in the moment, be present in whatever way you can and take a minute to breath. Find those tiny breaks through out the day and get off your phone or your computer and do it. Even if it means locking yourself in the supply closet at work and breathing in for just 30 seconds.

As always, Diana over at PaperYarnMoon has put this weeks affirmation into beautiful writing.

Mantra Monday 4.11

I’ll see you lovely humans next time. Don’t forget to breath.

Love and Light, Always.


Mantra Monday 3.21.2016

Good Morning you beautiful souls.

I have a new Mantra and/or Affirmation for all of you.

One thing about me is that I love to see other people succeed. I will be your biggest cheerleader and cheer on your abundance and seeing your dreams come true.

This affirmation is my push to you to live out your dreams and welcome abundance into your life, in whatever way you may need.

“May Health, Peace and Abundance, Abound Forever”—RLJ

Mantra Monday 3.21


As always, a huge thank you to Didi over at PaperYarnMoon for putting these amazing words into writing.

Sending you Blessings always.

Love and Light,



Mantra Monday 03.14.2016

Today’s Mantra is a special one for me and for quite a few people. It is an affirmation that can truly change, not only your world, but your mental perspective in life in general.

Shifting your perspective from a place of fear and negativity to a place of love, positivity and harmony, changes  the energy that you send out to the universe and in turn changes the energy that returns to you. In other words, the universe is a giant copy machine that will give back what you put out, so if you feed the universe negative or fear based thoughts, then that is exactly what you will receive. Thoughts of gratitude, love and posititivity  sent out will return just that.

Now, I know it is difficult to be living on a constant high vibrations and positive thoughts, shit does happen, but if we can maintain a positive mind for little bouts of time during the day, thinking in a high vibrational thoughts will become easier and, in time, will over take those fear based ones.

Try this exercise: Every morning, when you wake up, think one happy thought, one thing you are grateful for. It could be anything. Be grateful for your dog, the extra 15 minutes to snooze, the pillow under your head, anything you can think of. Then through out the day, set your timer, could be every hour or two or three and give yourself a happy moment. In your happy moment, have another happy thought, what you are are grateful for. Maybe its that smile that the stranger gave you in the afternoon, the delicious cup of coffee from your local shop, your family, your friends…whatever. Commit to it daily. Don’t make any long term plans, just commit for it for today, then tomorrow morning, commit for it for that day. Work day to day and I promise you, your life will change for the best and in abundance.

Want an affirmation to do regularly, try this one:

I change my thoughts and I change my world“–RLJ Michelle

Mantra Monday 3.14

Thank you Diana over at PaperYarnMoon for putting these words into a beautiful writing on paper. We love how you share the love.

Sending you blessings. I would love to hear how this worked for you. Leave me a comment.

Love and Light,