Crystal Reiki Master

Last Month I became a certified Crystal Reiki Master! That’s right, that means a few things:

  1. All your jewelry pieces ordered through RLJ will be charged my a Reiki Master.
  2. I am able to teach traditional Reiki and Crystal Reiki to those who are wanting to learn. Yes, I am working on teaching those who are interested in becoming Reiki healers themselves.
  3. I am able to offer Long Distance Crystal Reiki healing to my clients. I will be offering this directly through our website starting next week. Keep and eye on our Instagram and our Facebook for a Long Distance Crystal Reiki giveaway.

WOOHOOO!  I have to be honest, this has been a very happy moment for me and am grateful that I can share the healing with all of you.

Me, Aurora Sage, with Quartz Point

Sending you all love and light, ALWAYS!


Aurora Sage

We have arrived…

Yes, you read that right, we have arrived to our new home (at least for the next 2-3 years) in Abu Dhabi.

It has been a long time that we haven’t been able to call a place “home”, but of course, home is where the heart is and my heart is always with my little family.  We spent months between visiting the rest of our family and staying in hotels and crashing pads. It was a learning experience for all of us and something I don’t want to repeat for a while…ha!

Well, we are here and absolutely thrilled. Unfortunately, we are in temporary living quarters until our permanent home is ready but that is going to be soon, so even though I have settled and removed all my crystals and set up a quick office, I will have to pack up and move it over soon (enter crazy/exhausted laughter here).

So just a few quick things:

  1. Remember Love Designs is closed until December 2nd. Half of our team is enjoying a nice and much needed vacation in Europe. Have fun D!
  2. As I mentioned before, Remember Love Jewelry, will be moving again, but we are striving our hardest to be set up quickly and have minimal delays with our orders and our reads.
  3. We have a few spots open for Crystal Reads. Hooray! Click the link for more information.
  4. I have received many messages asking if we ship Internationally. YES WE DO!!!! No matter where we are in the world, we will ship to you. Please message us directly for exact shipping quotes. We will always work with our clients.
  5. We are starting up a Newsletter to bring you all you love about crystals and the latest news. To sign up, just email us at and you’ll be all set.

Well, now that we have arrived to Abu Dhabi, we will be offering Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions locally. We have received a crazy amount of requests on this and it literally makes my heart sing! This will be absolutely based on appointments only with extremely limited spacing. If you would like to sign up for more info, please feel free to email me at : and I will be more than happy to provide more information.

Also, for all our new friends here in the UAE, we would love for you to follow us on our Facebook page and our Instagram page. We will soon be participating in local events and markets and hope to see you all there for a warm hello and some Reiki love.

For all of our loves, please enjoy some pictures we have taken since we have arrived. Needless to say, we are so happy here. Namaste!

Love and Light,

Mantra Monday 1.18.2016

Beautiful Day to all of you.

Before I go into your Mantra/Affirmation for today, I wanted to share some exciting new announcements.

  • The question that is on our clients lips is, “when does your Etsy shop open?” I know, I know. We’ve been crazy busy finishing up custom orders. We are, however, looking to open January 21st. THAT’S RIGHT!!! It’s only a few days away. It will be a few items to start with but will slowly build up inventory. What does that mean? If you see something you like, buy it quick because it may not be there the next day.
  • We are working with Diana over at PaperYarnMoon and creating a comprehensive Chakra, Crystal and Meditation information booklet. Our followers will get a sneak peek of the information via our Periscope broadcast (@RememberLove721). Stay Tuned!
  • And finally, we are so over the moon excited to pair up with Dana over at Empath Rising. We will have a segment called “For Crystal Sake” in their wonderful newsletter. She has great information for Empaths, or Sensitives, and their journey of Self-Discovery. Go sign up to her newsletter, learn a bit more about crystals but most importantly, empaths.For Crystal Sake

Now, here is your mantra/affirmation for today.

“I have the Power to Change My Destiny”–RLJ Michelle M. 

Embrace your journey and know that you can change your path. You can choose happiness, right now, right this instance. Take control of your life, grab that mother fudging steering wheel and freaking drive that mofo!

As always, the beautiful Diana at PaperYarnMoon has designed our affirmation to paper and we LOVE it. Enjoy and feel free to share.

MM 1.18

Love and Light,