Mantra Monday 6.19.2017

This weeks Mantra Monday is going to return to the basics.

It’s basic in its simplicity but so freaking hard to master.

We all go through our ups and downs, and let’s be honest, our own worst critic is ourselves. We wouldn’t dream of saying half the things we say to ourselves to our family, friends or even strangers.

We have to be kinder to ourselves and more gracious and soft with our own words, so for the next week, just repeat this affirmation and remind yourself how freaking amazing you are!

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for our oh so kick butt image ;-D

Love and Light my radiant sun beams!

Aurora Sage

Mantra Monday 6.12.2017

Many times I look at my daughter and think “WOW, the entire world is for her taking. She can do and be anything she wants”. Right now, she wants to be a Paleontologist and she has not changed her mind for the past 2 years (she’s 4), BUT if she does, that’s okay, because she has her families and the universes support.

Then, comes me, What do I want to be when I grow up? At the ripe age of 34, I still feel like I’m sorting it out. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I LOVE my crystals but I always want to do more. I want to write a book, I want to offer my healing more, I want to offer a Crystal Reiki Healing course, I want to open up a Spirituality Healing Center. I have plans, man and you know what…”My Possibilities are Endless”. Through work and the Universe providing, I will achieve my goals!

Whatever your goals are, and even if you haven’t figured out exactly what they are, know you are provided for and supported.

Thank you, Diana from PaperYarnMoon, for the beautiful image. The perfect Mantra to start off this week.

Love and Light,

Aurora Sage

RLJ Tribe Welcome Kit

What exactly is our RLJ Tribe Welcome kit?

RLJ (Remember Love Jewelry) Welcome Kit is our official package that from our home to welcome you into our tribe. It comes with every purchase from our exclusive jewelry line SHOP.



What does it include?

  • A Palo Santo Stick for Smudging
  • A List of Mantra’s and Affirmations
  • Our Exclusive Chakra Print for your Sacred Space
  • A Welcome Letter Signed by the Designer and Owner
  • A Handpicked Crystal Gift


And of course, all our pieces come cleanse and Reiki charged by a certified Reiki Master.

Happy Shopping!

Love and Light,

Aura Sage

Crystal Reiki Master

Last Month I became a certified Crystal Reiki Master! That’s right, that means a few things:

  1. All your jewelry pieces ordered through RLJ will be charged my a Reiki Master.
  2. I am able to teach traditional Reiki and Crystal Reiki to those who are wanting to learn. Yes, I am working on teaching those who are interested in becoming Reiki healers themselves.
  3. I am able to offer Long Distance Crystal Reiki healing to my clients. I will be offering this directly through our website starting next week. Keep and eye on our Instagram and our Facebook for a Long Distance Crystal Reiki giveaway.

WOOHOOO!  I have to be honest, this has been a very happy moment for me and am grateful that I can share the healing with all of you.

Me, Aurora Sage, with Quartz Point

Sending you all love and light, ALWAYS!


Aurora Sage

Mantra Monday 4.24.2017


Forgiveness is usually easier said than done and it’s even harder when it comes to ourselves. I am here to tell you you can and should forgive yourself for whatever you feel guilty or negatively about. Sometimes the smallest things and the shortest moments can hold so much unnecessary space in our heart that is makes us hard to move forward in our lives.

We are all guilty of sitting in our beds at 1 am and thinking about those moments that happened years ago, those conversations where you wished you would of said or acted differently or moments that you wished never happen…FORGIVE YOURSELF! Literally take this moment and say “I Forgive Myself and Set Myself Free”. Release whatever is holding you back and holding you down and press forward. Accept all the good things coming your way and open yourself to the gifts of the universe.

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the absolutely GORGEOUS image (I think this one may be my favorite!).

Mantra Monday 4.17.2017

“Happiness is my Path” and is chose it daily.

This Mantra is an especially powerful one and one we should all apply to our lives.  We all have the right to be happy in our present life times. Happiness is the soul’s way of saying “Yes, do more of this, this is elevating us”.

Keep track of things that are healthy that keep us happy and write it down. Look at it regularly and, not only be grateful for it, but do it more often!

Pick happiness every time!

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the love and putting our affirmation into this beautiful image.

Mantra Monday 4.10.2017

Today, as I was running around the house, doing some much needed house cleaning, I began to think about this little business of mines and how far it has come from when I started in Prague. I never dreamed it would be where it is now and getting bigger. All the times I have doubted myself has been from a fear of failure and rejection and I am here to tell you that “I am worthy of my Dreams” and so are you.

I realize more and more each day that everytime I am held back from doing something I envision for myself, it is always comes from a place of fear and if I chose fear, I am rejecting love and …I mean…what is the name of our little business…REMEMBER LOVE!!!!! I have to remember to chose love every dang time. I am worthy of the most amazing version of myself and I will continue to strive for it, embracing my flaws and working with them.

You are worthy of your dreams too and I invite you, right now, to remember love and remember your worth. If no one has said it today, I believe in you and YOU CAN DO IT!

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for always doing the beautiful artwork.

How to Use Personal Diffuser Jewerly

I made a video on how to use Personal Oil Diffusers. It’s very easy and effective way to get the benefits of essential oils through out the day.

We have a few on our Etsy shop, also feel free to send us a message if you prefer a custom piece.





Mantra Monday 3.27.2017

Good Morning my Beautiful friends.

Yes, it is Monday already and it means another Mantra Monday. I realize the bulk of my blog posts are Mantra Mondays but why not? These are so much flipping fun!

Today I was listening to a podcast talking about how many of those on a “spiritual path” often actively chose happiness while consciously ignoring what many consider negative feelings thus ignoring a potential life lesson from your soul or even ignoring what could be a serious problem in your current lifetime.

This is my take on it, we all have a choice whether to walk around in a positive mood or a bad mood. I, personally make an effort to focus on the positives in my life BUT (this is a big BUT), I am always aware of what makes me upset, sad, angry and I analyze and think about why something or someone does not vibe with me (or just plain piss me off). I am conscious of it and while we are at it, we need these things we don’t agree with, in our lives. It give us a chance to learn about ourselves and helps us place a marker on our values. How can you do this? Look at what offends you and then ask yourself WHY it offends you. Get uncomfortable, squirm a bit and dig. Its these situations that really define you as an individual and creates clarity into who you truly are.

Digging can bring up some major shit. Hold that piece up, analyze it, smell it (yeah…gross right!), poke around a little, maybe even give it a little taste, then say thank you to it for helping you learn something about yourself and toss it in the potty and flush. Wash you hands! Cleanse yourself, acknowledge how you feel and why and then say to yourself “I deserve Happiness and Love”, because you absolutely do. In this lifetime, at this present moment, you deserve happiness and love, no matter where you have come from or where you are going. That poop you just looked at should not have a hold over how you are feeling. It may have helped shaped who you are today but it does not control you. You are worthy of all the positive experiences that are coming your way. You DESERVE Happiness and Love no matter what!

So, yes, I decide to actively choose happiness and love but I know I have some shit to learn from.

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the beautiful artwork. Lets make this your Mantra for the week everyone.

Mantra Monday 3.20.2017

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another “Mantra Monday”.

My apologies for missing last week. We had some technical difficulties with our website and we weren’t able to post on time.

So, this weeks Mantra is one that I feel can apply to every single body! It’s a simple yet effective one that can help us manage our physical bodies on  a daily basis…”I am Healthy and Filled with Energy” (Repeat it 10 times right now and fee the quick boost).

I sometimes feel that I am always walking around with that 2-3pm feeling where I am craving a tea or coffee for a quick pick me up, but if I really look at how I am loving and nourishing my body, I know I am not taking care of it like I should. Small changes have helped me move away from that sluggish feeling including going to bed at a decent time so I can wake up feeling rested, taking my vitamins daily, starting off with a good breakfast, and of course, meditation. I have also made an attempt to remove as much sugar and processed food from my diet. Trust me, I know, I crave it like something bad but I am a work in progress.

Adding this affirmation before bed (and sometimes I repeat it while driving) helps me feel in check and assists in dissolving those blocks that have to do with weight and unhealthy eating (Solar Plexus and Sacral…I am looking at you).

So, join me this week and just commit to it daily, don’t worry about tomorrow or how you did yesterday, just today and repeat after me “I am Healthy and Filled with Energy”.

Thank you Didi at PaperYarnMoon for the always awesome illustration.


Love and Light,